Introducing the event industry to the world of upholstered and creative bar finishes….

These bars are a real signature to any event and add pretty to the practical in bar service as, not only are they sexy, but totally practical from a bar service perspective.i.e.Their built in ice wells and plenty of shelving make them easy to operate from.

By hiring the bar structure only as a dry hire item, you, the client, are at will to use any service provider for supplying barmen and are never strong-armed into using a specific bar service who insist on you using their bar structures . Remember, the bar as a piece of furniture, needs to fit the aesthetic of your event.

The below bar pictures are purely a guideline of existing bars, feel free to request any colours or finishes to suit your event!  Please note some of the images depicted are purely for colour ideas – if you would like a colour that we may not stock, we can manufacture this given enough notice.

Why not get creative with our “Bubble” or “Idea” bars?

Let your bar burst with colour bubbles, how about gold for a champagne or whisky bar, lime green for cocktails .Play around with our “Scrabble” bars, just add lettering to create a name or add the icon of your choice to be bang on brief or Love hearts on Valentine’s Day or emoticons for creating a Wi-Fi bar.

You think it, we create it…..