How to use our website

Step 1. Click the "Items for hire" in the menu. Step 2. Once on the "Items for hire" page you can browse our stock. Should you find any item that you would like to hire you can either: 1. click the add to quote button (in the sub category level) or 2. click on the product [...]

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Remove items from your “Request a quote”

This can be done two ways; 1st: go back to the product added and click the " X remove from quote list" 2nd: Click the X on the product, on the "<i class="fa fa-shopping-cart">Request a quote" page and then make sure the page is updated with your products required.

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Do i register on the site

Nope.   At the moment the website does not require any formal registration. Should any thing know we will advise you well before we implement it. Rgds Propstars Webmaster

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