As a Location for prospective shoots and events, Prop Stars offers four sprawling floors of 2000 square meters each, divided by an authentic central lift shaft.

The building,Marcoza House, dates back to the 1950’s and showcases some interesting architecture from this period, including a turned staircase and open stairwell, red tiles and open face-brick.
As a fully functioning props warehouse, specializing in furniture from different periods, each of the four floors houses items that stretch from infinitely collectible to functional household wares.

Thanks to easy access and a flat roof, Prop Stars can also make use of Joburg’s panoramic city views. We have a user friendly roof space with vistas of the fast disappearing mine dumps on the east to the city skyline in the north, this epic space has been utilized for photographic stills shoots, as well as for music videos and television commercials.

Prop Stars also boasts a Studio space for both stills (fashion, advertising and portraiture) to movie shoots, (advertisements, feature films and music videos) which includes a built-in 90degree infinity curve. Read below for more specs.

From a photographic perspective, one can create stills vignettes using props and furniture to suit the brief – and many stills shoots have successfully utilized this opportunity. Check out the gallery below to see some of the work we’ve shot here, from magazine fashion spreads to advertising campaigns.

The interior of the props warehouse is a simple, white-clad space that can be transformed to suit whatever brief with existing furniture and smalls from our well-appointed stock. The added benefit? No transport costs to shoot locations. Prop Stars also has a separate five- booth ablution facility, as well as separate rooms for designated catering purposes.

Roof top





Prop Stars offers a spacious all-white studio space which is bathed in natural light from windows on three sides (entrance south, walls north, east and west). These windows are individually shuttered to allow for a controlled light environment. The studio space has a five-booth ablution facility, as well as a room for catering and food shot preparation.

There are also a series of dry wall flats on casters available to productions to create simple sets, backdrops and textured finishes as per brief. Our on- site set builder can construct sets to brief which are billed for separately.
The studio also has a 90 degree infinity curve, as well as a designated mobile pack shot cyc. There is also a 63 AMP, 3 phase plug point for film cabling available.

Our designated goods lift assists with moving gear as well as lighting to the studio.

Best of all, the studio has full access to all the props and furniture currently available on the floors on shoot days as an added benefit to stylists and art departments, thereby saving the production on both transport and excessive art department/styling crew.
Recommended set builders, stylists and caterers familiar with the studio space are available on request.